How An Agent Will Calculate A CMA for Your House In Shoreline

Real estate agents calculate a CMA – a comparative market analysis – to help determine the selling price of a house. To generate a CMA, your agent will compare the house to similar recently sold houses in the area, looking at active, recently sold, and expired listings for houses as similar to yours as possible. … Continued

Living in West Seattle

Are You LEAVING Seattle, WA? (Sniff!)

Here is my Guide To Help You Relocate to a new part of the world. We are sad to see you go, but our hearts go with you, and we wish you all the best. Selling Your Home In Seattle and Relocating To…. Let Me Help You Find A Good Realtor In The Towns You’re … Continued

6 Things To Get Your House Ready For A Sale In Shoreline

You thought long and hard about moving. You know it’s a stressful situation between preparing the house for viewing, packing and making the place available. Now that you’ve made the decision to move, it can’t happen fast enough. That is why you should do these six things to get your house ready for a sale … Continued

Why You Need To Stage Your House in Shoreline

You’ve heard it time and time again: you need to stage your home before trying to sell it, and you probably need professional staging. But does it really make that much difference? And at a cost of up to $2,000, is it really worth the price. In a word: Yes. Here are four solid reasons … Continued