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Interested In Learning More About Real Estate Investing (Both In Seattle and Out-Of-State)?

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We Will Sell Your Home – Or Buy It Ourselves

We are primarily real estate brokers, and are here to serve you in that capacity. We have also added direct home buying services to our offerings due to demand and market trends. Let us know your goals and we will make a recommendation on strategies for selling your home after a divorce. For most people – if you can wait for the home to sell and close the “traditional way” (in 30-60 days at the time of this writing) – listing it on the open market, and backing the home with a solid marketing plan with a real estate broker like me is likely to get you the most money. However, if you need to move fast and don’t want to clean on your way out, then a direct sale may be the way to go.

How to Sell Your House After A Divorce | Seattle, WA

If you need a professional real estate broker in the Seattle, Bellevue or Everett, Washington area to help you sell your home after a divorce, please consider contacting our office. We enjoy helping people transition away from their old homes and into their new lives.

You can read this case study about our first divorced home seller and how we helped her by buying her home directly (back in North Carolina in a very flat market…).

Whether you would like us to function as a direct home buyer and simply purchase your home ourselves (most convenient), or you would like us to work on commission as a real estate agent offering our brokerage services from the position of someone who is committed to getting your home sold on the open market (most money). We are happy to discuss your options with you and help you understand the process so you can feel confident you are making the right choice.

Below, we have included the Next Steps to help you prepare for your home sale.

Click to download your free guide to Selling Your Home After Divorce – For Washington State

1) Download This “Home Sale After Divorce” Free Guide

There is a lot to think about when preparing to sell your home after you and your spouse have separated.

We have prepared this PDF guide to help educate you on the process of what to expect when you sell your home, after a divorce. Please enjoy it – with our compliments.

2) Uncover The “Real” Value Of Your Home

Knowing what your home is worth in today’s market (and what you are likely to put in your pocket after the mortgage and closing costs are paid) is the next step toward preparing for your home sale.

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How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?

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Our goal, here at HomePro Associates is to EDUCATE and SERVE you so that you can make your own smart decisions. We are here to guide and support you through the process. There is always a lot to juggle when selling a home, and after a divorce, there can be a lot to process emotionally as well. Getting both spouses on the same page is not always easy.

3) Get Your Remaining Questions Answered

Everybody has different questions, although we cover many general questions in our Home Sellers Guide, we find that many people prefer to talk to a real person and get some real answers. That’s why we’re here. I have four living family members in the legal profession (my Grandfather was a Law School Professor at UW) so, I know how important accurate and timely information can be. Let me put my team and resources to work for you to get your lingering questions answered.

While time may heal all wounds, it doesn’t usually improve people’s real estate concerns. Let’s get your questions answered so you can make a plan for your next steps.

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4) Prepare Your Home For Sale

If you would like your home to sell fast and for the highest price, then you’ll want to do whatever you can to get it looking its best – that means outdoor curb appeal and landscaping, as well as indoor cleaning and fix-up projects.

Don’t get stuck here. We can help provide names and numbers of contractors and get someone to your front door ready to do the work.

If you are not in a financial position to do the work at all, we can discuss an as-is property sale as well. No problem. Your wish is our command.

5) Understand Market Trends

While you may not have much flexibility on the timing of your home sale, reading the real estate market updates on our blog, as well as downloading our free Home Sellers Guide will help you understand what is currently going on in the real estate marketplace and how this will impact your home sale.

Everyone always wants to know “How’s the market?” and we have that information for you – review on your own if you like, we will also discuss it in more depth when we get a chance to talk together.