HomePro Associates & How Our Digital Marketing Differentiates Us

I Call It: Disruptive Digital Marketing.

When was the last time you went shopping online?  Like, 5 minutes ago? Amazon Prime, Door Dash, Instacart… It’s so easy.

We live in an instant gratification world where we can get what we want, when we want it, with the click of a button.

You’ve heard Amazon, Google and Facebook are going bananas, right?

The last year has only made us MORE dependent on technology – and people love the convenience.

Well guess what? For many people, buying real estate is really no different.

How To Market Your Home To Sell Quickly (and For The Highest Price) | Seattle, WA
Disruptive Digital Marketing – Meeting Home Buyers & Sellers Where They Are: Online.

When you are selling your home, placing a yard sign on the front lawn and sticking it on the MLS… that’s basic stuff. That’s old school.

No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore, we are all online.  So the question is… if that’s where the PEOPLE are, is that where your HOUSE is?  Is your house missing out on all the shoppers hanging out on the social media platforms with the most traffic?

I’m Emily Cressey, owner of the HomePro Associates team with HomeSmart Real Estate here in Seattle.  I have always loved marketing, psychology and economics, so I can tell you when it comes to selling anything – books, food, or houses; You need to get your home packaged well and priced right and then put it in front of the largest number of potential buyers that you can.

Check out these statistics:

  • 95% of buyers search online for their homes, and 
  • 77 % use social media to search. yet 
  • Only 16% of agents use social media in their marketing strategy. 
  • And Only 1% are doing it correctly – by which I mean very few do it in a way that’s effective. 

As a real estate professional, I want to offer MORE and BETTER so I came up with a disruptive, strategic, digital marketing plan that places your home in front of thousands of potential buyers weekly. You are probably looking at this video as a result of those efforts.

Now if you like to hear more about how I use the same tools and strategies that Fortune 500 companies do to place your home in front of more buyers, give me a call.  I’m Emily Cressey with HomePro Associates at HomeSmart and we are here to serve!

HomePro Associates is a real estate broker team based out of Seattle, WA and led by Emily Cressey.

We work under HomeSmart Real Estate Associates of Seattle, our brokerage, which is wonderful because it gives its brokers a lot of freedom to market real estate in the way individual brokers see best.

HomePro Associates has chosen to invest heavily in digital marketing, as this is the way we see the market heading in the future. No longer are home buyers browsing real estate classifieds in the newspaper or picking up free magazines from the rack at the drug store listing local homes for sale. Instead, 93% of real estate home buyers begin their search online. By meeting buyers online, where they are already spending their time, we seek to educate and inform them about the real estate market, thus building trust and creating a relationship that will bridge into the real “bricks and mortar” world of real estate.

Whether through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, our other websites, or the next latest-and-greatest real estate platform, HomePro Associates and Emily Cressey seek to bring the human touch into the high-tech world and put some fun and interest, as well as an enlivening dose of reality into the journey of home buyers to bring their real estate dreams to life.

HomePro Associates helps real estate Home Buyers and sellers in Seattle, Washington
Finding buyers and sellers online – early in their real estate decision-making process – is our secret sauce to building an expanding database so we can directly connect with more potential clients in our marketplace.

In the course of our work, we have created a database of active real estate buyers in the areas surrounding Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Everett Washington. Sellers love that we can market their properties aggressively and directly to the buyers we already have relationships with and through other agents we know are actively working in our target neighborhoods.

By attracting & educating both buyers and sellers in the Seattle-area real estate markets, we feel we can truly do the job real estate brokerage was meant to be. We are not just over-paid data entry automatons working for the MLS… we are actively “making the market” by bringing together buyers and sellers who might not otherwise be ready to engage in a transaction until we reached out and created an important connection with them… bridging the gap between desire, knowledge, ability, and emotions.

If we can help you in any way, please call or text: (206) 578-3438.