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Home Buyers Guide in Seattle
Emily Cressey, Cash Buyer & Real Estate Broker and Investment Advisor – Seattle, WA

Thinking about selling your Seattle-Area home, and aren’t sure where to start? We can offer you a fast, all-cash offer OR we can list your home on the market and sell it the traditional way.

Lots of “investors” want to buy your home at a steep discount so they can fix it up, sell it, and profit. Frankly – we can do that, and we would love to do that, if it’s what you want. But we’re not a one-trick pony.

We can provide you a variety of solutions, and run the numbers with you so you can see what your options are.

For example, here are some great choices available to you:

  1. We can make an all-cash offer within 24 hours and plan to buy your home within a week (that’s usually about as fast as the title company can move) – or on the date of your choice if you need to plan to move out and are looking for another place.
  2. We can list it on the open market “as-is” and let buyers compete so you get the highest price… usually with a 30-day closing.
  3. We can help you finance the repairs for your home so you can spruce it up before you put it on the market, and get top dollar for the property. This may take 2-3 months to get your check, but it will be a bigger amount.

Speed and Convenience? Or Higher Profit – It’s up to you. We’ll help you understand your options and make a great choice for your situation.

Seattle real estate investor
Can we take those repairs off your hands?

1) Fast Cash Closings – In Just One Week

Can we do an all-cash fast deal? Yes! Absolutely! If that’s what you want – fill out the form and get in touch with us.

But if you have a little more time and want to try to maximize cash in your pocket (rather than speed and convenience) we have that option for you too. Fill out the contact form and let’s get started!

TIMEFRAME: As Fast as 7 Days!

Learn More About The No-Hassle Approach To Selling Your Home

The No-Hassle Way To Sell Your Seattle, WA Home
If you are ready to sell your home, but don’t know if you want to endure the hassles of the “traditional” method – we can help.

Sell My House Now

Thinking about selling your house in the next six months? Call (206) 578-3438 or fill out this simple form.
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Here Are Some Of The Other Properties We’ve Helped

People choose to work with a real estate investor like me who can pay cash, take over their payments, lease out their property, and partner on repairs for a variety of reasons – mostly because I’m a good problem solver. I’ve been investing in real estate since 2002 and have trainied other investors at a national level.

I enjoy meeting new people and using my knowledge and experience to help them figure out the best solution.

Maybe you already know what you want -that’s great – call me and tell me your price and we’ll see if we can make it happen. (Or just fill out the form on this page).

But if you’re not sure what to do with your property, you can trust a licensed broker like me to act as your advisor and give you ALL your options.

Here are just a few of the houses (and their people) I’ve had the opportunity to help.

2) Create A Buyers Frenzy

A second option is to work together to put the house on the open market and then use our online marketing strategies, our in-house list of buyers, and our agent contacts to augment the MLS and create a buying frenzy amongst people who may be interested in getting a good deal on a house like yours, even if it’s a fixer-upper. Often a mom-and-pop buyer who are going to move into the property and do the repairs to it while they live there, can pay MORE than a professional investor who is going to do the repairs herself, but also needs to make a profit.

You can sell your home “as-is” and still allow the market to compete. This would be like an auction, where we start low and let the market bring your house up to it’s full value. This allows you to get the maximum price for your house, without having to do any repair work.

Watch The Video Below To Learn How We Market Your Home To Create More Buyer Interest.

TIMEFRAME: Approximately 30 Days.

How To Market Your Home To Sell Quickly (and For The Highest Price) | Seattle, WA

Getting Repairs Done Takes Time and Money

Now, as you probably know, if your place needs a little (or a lot) of fix-up work, it can take time and money to get that done. Especially with all the labor shortages and sky-high lumber costs, (not to mention waiting for them to unload all the goods from the boats at the ports), this can be a time-consuming and somewhat risky endeavor.

Because of this risk and expense, most cash investors like me will need to get a reasonable discount on the price of the property. After all, we’re going to be doing all the work that you didn’t want to. If that’s how we spend our time, we need to get paid for that time so we can put food on the table. That’s how it works. So, while a cash offer will be a fair price, it will account for the work that needs to be done on the home, plus all the taxes, fees, insurance, utilities and so on that will be encountered on the way to getting the property sold.

If you want fast cash for your property and want to get done with it quickly. We will take care of everything and you can turn over the keys and get your check in a matter of about 7-Days. Wow! That’s cookin’ and we can do it. If you’re ready to move on, and we can reach an agreement, you can wash your hands of the whole things and we can take care of it all for you.

3) If You Want To Finance The Repairs, We Can Help With That, Too

However, if you’re not comfortable with the price we offer and you want to make more money from the sale of your home, we have a third option for you to consider. We can finance the repairs for you, and you pay for them from the equity in the house when it sells.

Yes, you can work with our contractor who will do the repair work and wait to get paid until the property is “done” getting fixed up. This way, if you want to get more money, and are able to wait for the repairs to be done (you just don’t have the cash to do them yourself), we can help make that happen for you.

Look how much nicer a home can look with a few upgrades to the interior.

Before and after home renovations shoreline washington
Sometimes you just don’t have the time, money, or energy to take care of home repairs yourself. We can do this for you, or we can get it financed so you can profit from the improvements.
Should I sell "as is" or renovate my Shoreline, Washington house?
Should you sell your home as-is to an investor like me? Should you fix it up? Should you list it on the open market?
You have a lot of choices and we want to help you make a good decision.
Declutter before and after
Sometimes homes need relatively little work, and with some de-cluttering, paint and carpet, they can look like a new home.
gross sliding door
Other times, ongoing problems with moisture, mold and mildew have created potentially serious problems that could be expensive to repair.

Sell Your Home Yourself As-Is

Selling A Home That Needs Repair As-Is
We are here to serve and educate you as you take the next steps in your real estate journey. Feel free to ask any questions, even if you are not planning to pursue a transaction for months or years, we are here to serve!

Now, I realize I have presented a lot of information here, but I want you to know you have options, and we will help you sort through your choices.

I certainly don’t want you to be overwhelmed and have “analysis paralysis” – but I also don’t want you to take this decision lightly. As an investor, I’ve worked with people who were flat broke, and also multi-millionaires. None of us are that different – we’re all just people. But I do like to help people realize that their house can be a huge asset or a huge liability, and how to handle the sale is not something you should take lightly.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique, and my goal is to give you the best advice I can. Now, I’m not an attorney like the rest of my family, and I’m not a licensed financial advisor, but as a real estate broker, I am licensed to act as your AGENT when it comes to making a decision on what to do with your house, and that means I put your needs ahead of my own.

Emily Cressey - Real Estate Broker and Investor
Emily Cressey – Seattle Real Estate Broker, Investor

Here’s what sets us apart:

In addition to being a real estate agent, Emily Cressey is a commercial and residential real estate investor.

We view each of our clients’ properties as an important wealth-generating asset. Whether a condo, townhome, family estate, or multi-family – as a precious asset full of important memories and hopefully lots of equity!

We Treat Your Home Like The Valuable Investment That It Is!

We fully understand the importance of getting a strong offer on your home, and a buyer who will close the deal!

We Value The Clients & Professionals We Work With

We take this job very seriously and our primary goal is the best outcome for you!

Roger Maupin
Real Estate Investment Surety Village
Real Estate Investment Syndication: Surety Village Shopping Center – El Paso, TX

She is very bright, creative and always has constructive comments and questions.

I have enjoyed being a business partner with Emily for the last 15 years on five commercial real estate deals. She is very bright, creative and always has constructive comments and questions. She is dependable, does what she says and always has a positive attitude. I enjoy working with her and have found her to be trustworthy and helpful.

– Roger Maupin

Grasslands Investments, LLC

I wanted to specifically thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have definitely contributed (in a huge way) to my success.

– Robert Krauss
Amber Shugart
Centurion Property Management - Salem, OR
– Amy Shugart
Centurion Real Estate Management Salem, OR

Emily and I have been working together for several years and she has always been professional, prompt, kind, and wonderful to work with. 

Steve Maxwell is a successful business owner, lender and real estate investor.

She is the real deal. Emily is thoughtful and has great insights and experience with a breadth of knowledge and experience.

I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on several multi-million dollar commercial real estate syndications, shared the stage at adult real estate education events and seen her work as a coach, presenter and business partner. She is the real deal, is thoughtful and has great insights and experience with a breadth of knowledge and experience. Emily has excellent communication skills, good ideas, and a true love for both real estate and people. If you have a chance to work with Emily, you will be in good hands.

– Steve Maxwell

If you are thinking about selling your home, please contact us here:

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Investment Potential

We view every client’s home purchase as a potential investment. However, if you are not looking for a home to live in, but a separate non-owner occupied investment property with income potential, we’ve got you covered.

As investors ourselves, we know the process for finding fixer-uppers and cash-flowing real estate in Seattle (hint: think giant down payment!)

This market boasts historically low cap rates in the 4% range, so cashflow can be hard to come by, but a forced-appreciation deal, quick flip, long-term rental or other investment can be a great strategy.

If you can hold on for the long term, you might just see a few years of Seattle’s fabled double-digit appreciation drive your home value up! In King and Snohomish counties, a duplex, fourplex, BRRR , Air BnB, House Hack, or adult family home can be a great Seattle investment option – check out our investors page for more information!

Let’s Get Started!

Emily Cressey - Bob's Corn Maze in Snohomish County
Emily Cressey, Team Lead with HomePro Associates
Seattle Real Estate Broker in Snohomish County at Bob’s Corn Maze near Everett, WA

Contact Emily for help! Countless home owners and investors trust Emily Cressey to help them wade through the real estate buying and selling process. You can trust her to help you keep more cash in your pocket while also avoiding the time, headache, and risk of mistakes that come with of working with less experienced brokers.

When you work with HomePro Associates we promise to help you…

  • Save time worrying about your purchase or sale so you can keep enjoying your life
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can pop up with difficult transactions
  • Keep more money in your pocket
  • … and more.

We’re excited to work with you!

Give us a call at (206) 578-3438 or dive into the resources we have on this site.

– HomePro Associates

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