88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker

National Association of Realtors

We Love Our Clients. See Some Of Their Stories…

Helping local Shoreline area home owners enrich their lives through the place they call home is always something we love. We’re happy to call Shoreline and WA home and look forward to adding your story to our growing list of happy clients.

We are looking forward to showcasing the success stories of some of our clients. You are the real heroes of the website, and you deserve to have your stories told!

Fun things to do in Seattle area? This real estate agent has the answers!
Have fun taking a drive from Seattle north to the Skagit Valley tulip festival!

This made my day! After all the hard work, it totally paid off.. Love your work, and the results will come out naturally… Thanks for this wonderful feedback…

When you are all tied up with a lot of things, hearing notifications in your phone from different people and this one message stood up… I just got this warm text message from a new client… So sweet!

Getting Good Information Regarding The Seattle Housing Market

I saw your youtube videos regarding home buying in Seattle. They were quite nice and gave me really good information regarding the Seattle market. Me and my husband were looking for a home in NOrth Seattle area but are not comfortable jumping onto big realtors. Also the current housing market is super intimidating. If you have any good info where we can start our home buying journey, it would be great! Thanks!

First time home buyer
It’s totally normal to feel intimidated by the Seattle housing market, as a first time home buyer.

As A Professional Event Speaker…

Emily Cressey Testimonial
On Emily Cressey’s public speaking at real estate investing summit.

She connected with us immediately and her message was incredible!

Patrick Lonergan

Emily — In hearing your stories & learning your skills you gave me some great pictures — which is great as I’m a visual and tactile learner!  I look forward to blossoming in a new and powerful area. Watch out world!

Monique Van Rhyne

I really enjoy your email.  You have a great attitude and positive outlook.


I wanted to specifically thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have definitely contributed (in a huge way) to my success.

Robert Krauss

Wonderful To Work With… Communicates Clearly and Promptly With An Eye For Detail.

Jim West - West Property Management
Jim West, of West Property Management in Ogden, UT

As a property manager, I have worked with Emily managing and renovating one of her rental properties here in Ogden, UT and have found her to be wonderful to work with.  She communicates clearly and promptly, submits funds on time and has a good eye for detail.  She is respectful, positive and a pleasure to work with.  I wish all of my property owners were like her!

It’s not just about being friendly and having good communication. Her understanding, business approach, ethic and ambition to what needs to be done will assist her and you in being a success in Real Estate. Anyone will be lucky to be working with her. 

We Truly Value The Relationship We Are Creating

Brent Voepel Voepel Property Management
Brent Voepel – Voepel Property Management

Working with Emily has been amazing! We truly value the relationship we are creating with her and look forward to helping with her real estate investment strategy for years to come!

Emily and I have been working together for several years and she has always been professional, prompt, kind and wonderful to work with. 

Centurion Property Management - Salem, OR
– Amy Shugart
Centurion Real Estate Management Salem, OR

She is the real deal. Emily is thoughtful and has great insights and experience with a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Steve Maxwell is a successful business owner, lender and real estate investor.

I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on several multi-million dollar commercial real estate syndications, shared the stage at adult real estate education events and seen her work as a coach, presenter and business partner. She is the real deal, is thoughtful and has great insights and experience with a breadth of knowledge and experience. Emily has excellent communication skills, good ideas, and a true love for both real estate and people. If you have a chance to work with Emily, you will be in good hands.

Steve Maxwell

Emily Is Well-Informed, Insightful, and Consistent

Our clients are important to us.

I have enjoyed having Emily as a real estate mastermind partner and find her to be well-informed, insightful and consistent. Her 2 decades of real estate experience means she is a valuable professional to have on your team.

Brock Norton

She is very bright, creative and always has constructive comments and questions.

I have enjoyed being a business partner with Emily for the last 15 years on five commercial real estate deals. She is very bright, creative and always has constructive comments and questions. She is dependable, does what she says and always has a positive attitude. I enjoy working with her and have found her to be trustworthy and helpful.

Real Estate Investment Surety Village
Real Estate Investment Syndication: Surety Village Shopping Center – El Paso, TX
Roger Maupin
Sucess Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Real Estate Investor
Rob Maxwell – Success Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Real Estate Investor

I have experienced first hand Emily’s ability to motivate an entire audience to take action.

“Get ready for an information packed learning session with one of the most sincere and inspirational speakers I know.  Emily will share insights that help you step to the next level.”

David Finkel, Co-Author, The Maui Millionaires.  www.MauiMillionaires.com

Karen is a proud first-time buyer!

Karen was working two jobs when she met me. A single woman, she only had herself to rely on, and a clear goal – she wanted to save up and buy a house of her own. Her dream came true when she decided to lease-purchase a home that I had available.

She took great care of it when she lived there and was able to purchase it after just one year.

The proud look on Karen’s face says it all. This is one of my tenants who was able to purchase her first home – on her own! – after leasing from me for a year! Congratulations, Karen!

Karen J.

The typical For Sale By Owner home sold for 23% less than agent-assisted home sales.

National Association of Realtors, 2015

90% of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process.

National Association of Realtors

88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker

National Association of Realtors
Emily Cressey is a real estate agent who loves her clients.
Family and Clients – What I put my time and enthusiasm into! I want you to be thrilled with your real estate experience.