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Are You Ready For Retirement?

Over the weekend, I read an article on Vanguard.com warning against using the “4% Rule” for retirement planning.  This rule suggests that you can retire successfully for 30 years by living on 4% of your savings each year.  (e.g. if you have $1 million in retirement investments, you could expect it to produce $40,000/year of spendable income).

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood in Shoreline

When you buy a home for yourself or your family, that’s not all you’re doing. You are also buying a neighborhood. The neighoborhood is actually one of the chief determinants of your home's value. You want to do your due-diligence and make sure you love the neighborhood as well as the home.
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5 Tiny Details to Look for When Buying a House in Seattle, WA.

When buying a house, everyone has priorities. The buying process is complex and takes time, and it’s easy to get off track. Having written priorities is a helpful way to guide you through the process without forgetting some of the features that are important to you and your family.