10 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your House For Showings in Shoreline!

Preparing your house for showings, especially the cleaning, can appear at first glance like an overwhelming, hopeless undertaking. And it most likely will be if you don’t go about it in the right way.  There are, however, some tricks and tactics to make the whole thing much more manageable. So pay attention to these simple ways to clean up your house for showings.

Questions to Ask Your Agent When Selling Your Shoreline Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’re probably also thinking about getting an agent. That’s a good idea – if that is, you get a good agent, one who is knowledgeable and experienced in the right ways. In fact, in looking for agents, you should treat that first conversation as a job interview, with you as the employer and the agent as the prospective employee. With that in mind, we offer these questions to ask your agent when selling your [market_city] home.

7 Things I Hate About Seattle, WA

Living In Seattle, WA has its Pros and Cons, but there are lots of things that I DON’T LIKE about living here. You might even say, I HATE these things about Seattle, Washington – my own hometown.

Determining Your Property Value in Seattle, WA: Benefits of A CMA

When you’re considering selling your property, a logical first step is to figure out what it’s worth. Now, this doesn’t mean the price you want (although can be an important consideration). Rather, what it means is the fair market value – what other comparable properties in the immediate area have sold for in the recent past. There are, then, definite benefits of a CMA for determining your property value in Seattle, WA.

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