Buying an Investment Property With No Money Down

Finding a high-return real estate investment that you can “afford” to hang onto in this market can be tricky. One local lender in Alabama is addressing this problem by creating a 100% financing package for INVESTORS! With this loan you can buy a newly built-to-rent home with zero money down… just sign on the dotted line.  … Continued

Kenmore – Going, Going, GONE!

In order to price this home in Kenmore, we paid a lot of attention to recent sales and TOURED everything similar on the market to see where the home was positioned. We saw that there were some decent “recent sale” but also that the market was accelerating and homes were starting to sell with multiple … Continued

ICYMI : Tulips, Condominiums, and Negotiations!

A Day at Roosengaarde April is time for Tulips! I like the daffodils, but I *LOVE* the tulips, and seeing them blooming in my yard. Now that we have more deer visiting us, it’s hard to keep ahead of them when it comes to our own tulip crops. The obvious solution to this problem is … Continued

Mother’s Day Weekend

Motherhood extends beyond biological relationships. We shed light on the powerful influence of maternal figures such as grandmothers, stepmothers, adoptive mothers, and motherly mentors. We celebrate their contributions and acknowledge the diverse ways in which they enrich our lives. Let’s see some fun activities we can do with family in Seattle this weekend as we … Continued

Kenmore Home

Seattle Home Buyers “Jump” Out Of 2022 Doldrums

The Seattle real estate market has seen a surge in buyer demand in January 2023, with the turn of the year apparently bringing many “on hold” buyers out of the woodwork. Now that February is in the rearview mirror, and March Madness has arrived, we are seeing a brisk activity in many parts of the … Continued

Interior Design Tips

Fresh Interior Design Tips for Home Owners in Seattle, WA

Here in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes it can seem like people… for lack of a better word… let things get a little sloppy. Unlike some areas that I have lived and visited, where people put a strong emphasis on personal appearance and the appearance of their home, that quality seems to be a little bit … Continued

2929 211th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

A Letter To A New Real Estate Investor In Seattle, WA – 2023

Dear New Real Estate Investor I Talked To Last Year…. Of course I remember you.  Thanks for reaching out. You are right that the whole market has slowed down since mid-2022 when they started cranking up interest rates so aggressively. Additionally, a lot of people were relocating because of covid – either to go to states … Continued