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Do You “REALLY” Need A Realtor When Buying A Home?

Welcome to a thought-provoking discussion: “Do You ‘REALLY‘ Need A Realtor When Buying A Home?” Deciding whether to navigate the intricate world of buying a home on your own or enlist the expertise of a professional can be a pivotal moment in your home-buying journey. The question of Do You ‘REALLY’ Need A Realtor When … Continued
A Letter To A New Real Estate Investor In Seattle, WA – 2023

A Letter To A New Real Estate Investor In Seattle, WA – 2023

Dear New Real Estate Investor I Talked To Last Year…. Of course I remember you.  Thanks for reaching out. You are right that the whole market has slowed down since mid-2022 when they started cranking up interest rates so aggressively. Additionally, a lot of people were relocating because of covid – either to go to states … Continued

How To Sell A House “As-Is” By Owner In Seattle, WA

Are you considering selling your home “as-is” without the help of a real estate professional? This is known as “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO. Many homeowners consider this route, especially if their home needs repair. However, it’s not for everyone, so in this article, you’ll learn how to sell a house as-is by owner … Continued

How to Interview a Realtor In Shoreline, Washington

Three Things To Know: How To Interview A Realtor(R) (Realtor is a trademarked term for members of the National Realtors Association). If you are thinking about buying or selling your Shoreline, Washington home, finding a good real estate agent is probably high on your list. If you’re looking for a smart, trustworthy, and highly trained … Continued
Selling a home with no equity

Real Estate Case Study: Selling A Home With No Equity

September 30, 2004 Hi Emily, Thanks for buying our house.  When we called you off the letter you sent, we’d had our property listed on the market for months.  We’d had a couple of offers, but no one could get the bank financing they needed to buy our home. We were eager to sell the … Continued
Real Estate Agent Can't Sell This Beautiful Home With No Equity

Real Estate Case Study: Beautiful Home Just Won’t Sell

Hi Emily, Quick note here to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed working with you.  When we first got together with you we’d had our house on the market with a realtor and were kicking ourselves for not having gotten our house sold.  Even though we didn’t have much equity in the place, it … Continued