Why Home Ownership Wins In the Long Run

Yes!  Buying a home in Seattle is hard.  If you think it’s not the right time to buy because #reasons, I hear you… we have been having chitter-chatter for the last year or so about interest rates, affordability and recession concerns.  You’re not wrong. So, when’s it going to be the best time to buy … Continued
Buying a Property With No Money Down - Emily Cressey - Home Pro Associates

Buying an Investment Property With No Money Down

Finding a high-return real estate investment that you can “afford” to hang onto in this market can be tricky. One local lender in Alabama is addressing this problem by creating a 100% financing package for INVESTORS! Navigating the complexities of the real estate market to secure a high-return investment that aligns with affordability can be a … Continued
Property in Kenmore Sold With Many Offers

Kenmore Property With Multiple Offers – Going, Going, GONE!

Navigating the sale of a challenging property is a unique journey that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Whether it’s due to specific market conditions, unconventional features, or other complexities, selling a hard-to-market property demands a nuanced approach. In this process, we aim to transform challenges into opportunities, leveraging our expertise to highlight the property’s … Continued
Selling a home with no equity

Real Estate Case Study: Selling A Home With No Equity

September 30, 2004 Hi Emily, Thanks for buying our house.  When we called you off the letter you sent, we’d had our property listed on the market for months.  We’d had a couple of offers, but no one could get the bank financing they needed to buy our home. We were eager to sell the … Continued
Real Estate Agent Can't Sell This Beautiful Home With No Equity

Real Estate Case Study: Beautiful Home Just Won’t Sell

Hi Emily, Quick note here to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed working with you.  When we first got together with you we’d had our house on the market with a realtor and were kicking ourselves for not having gotten our house sold.  Even though we didn’t have much equity in the place, it … Continued
real estate case study Deverow

Real Estate Case Study: Selling As-Is After A Divorce

September 20, 2004 If you are considering selling your house to Emily Cressey, I say go for it!  I called her when I needed help and she did exactly what I asked. I don’t know if you have a problem property on your hands, but that’s how I felt about my house when I learned … Continued
Flipping Homes In Seattle

A Beginners Guide To Flipping Homes In Seattle

Flipping homes is an idea that has captured the minds of would-be real estate investors in Seattle thanks to a few popular HGTV shows, free real estate investor websites like Bigger Pockets, and paid advertisements of “gurus” on Facebook. Today home flipping is probably the most popular strategy for making money in real estate investing. … Continued
Fun things to do in Seattle area? This real estate agent has the answers!

Dealing With Probate? How A Seattle Agent Can Help You

Probate is simply the process of administering a deceased person’s estate. Now, dealing with probate is certainly no easy process. In fact, both of my parents were attorneys who practiced in this area and I am well aware that sometimes it can be a long, difficult process – especially when you are already saddened by … Continued