Kenmore Property With Multiple Offers – Going, Going, GONE!

Navigating the sale of a challenging property is a unique journey that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Whether it’s due to specific market conditions, unconventional features, or other complexities, selling a hard-to-market property demands a nuanced approach. In this process, we aim to transform challenges into opportunities, leveraging our expertise to highlight the property’s distinctive aspects and connect with potential buyers and preferably to get multiple offers. Welcome to a tailored approach that seeks to redefine the narrative, turning a hard-to-sell property into a sought-after opportunity for discerning buyers.

In order to price this home property in Kenmore, we paid a lot of attention to recent sales and TOURED everything similar on the market to see where the home was positioned. We saw that there were some decent “recent sale” but also that the market was accelerating and homes were starting to sell with multiple offers in this neighborhood.

Our comprehensive strategy for pricing your Kenmore property involved a meticulous analysis of recent sales and firsthand tours of comparable homes currently on the market. By closely examining the local real estate landscape, we identified promising recent sales while also noting the accelerating market trends. It became evident that the demand in this neighborhood was on the rise, with homes fetching multiple offers. This valuable insight allows us to position your property strategically, aligning with market dynamics and maximizing its appeal to potential buyers in the evolving real estate landscape of Kenmore.

We decided to price on the low end of our expected price range to make sure EVERYONE in the market saw the house, and we would get several strong offers – making buyers compete for the home. We ended up having over 60 people tour the home in the first 2 days it was on the market, and generated multiple offers (which I played against each other, to drive the price up).

The home ended up selling over $120K above listing price, in the 2023 market! The sellers were THRILLED – because they already had a new home under contract and were ready to move!

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home | Seattle, WA
Let an experienced real estate agent guide you through the process. Having the right person on your team will help your peace of mind, as well as your bottom dollar.

The successful sale of your Kenmore property stands as a testament to our strategic approach and market insight. Surpassing expectations, the home secured a remarkable sale price, soaring over $120K above the initial listing. The elation of the sellers is a reflection of the seamless transition facilitated by our team, as they were not only able to achieve an exceptional sale but also had the confidence to secure a new home under contract, showcasing the positive impact of our strategic approach in the dynamic 2023 market. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering outstanding results and ensuring a smooth and gratifying experience for our clients.

Emily Cressey

Emily Cressey is a real estate broker residing in Lake Forest Park, WA who services the Greater Seattle area including Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Brier, Lynnwood, Kenmore, Bothell and Edmonds, WA.

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