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Buying an Investment Property With No Money Down

Finding a high-return real estate investment that you can “afford” to hang onto in this market can be tricky. One local lender in Alabama is addressing this problem by creating a 100% financing package for INVESTORS! Navigating the complexities of the real estate market to secure a high-return investment that aligns with affordability can be a … Continued
Building a Detatched Accessory Dwelling Unit

For the Seattle House Hackers: Developing an ADU Property in Renton, WA (or Seattle Area)

I have a client who's from Microsoft who is young and ambitious. He doesn't want his first house to be just an expensive place to live, he wants it to be an investment. So he came to me with a plan for developing an ADU. One of the strategies he had in mind to launch his investing journey was developing a single family home into a property with an accessory dwelling unit - like a separate apartment in the basement.
Renting vs Buying Pros and Cons

Renting vs Buying: Pros and Cons in Shoreline, WA

Can your home in Shoreline, WA be a good investment for you? Renting vs. Buying Pros and Cons – What’s the right choice for you? If you’re currently renting a home in Shoreline, Washington and you’re thinking of making the jump to buying property in the Shoreline, WA area, you may be wondering if it … Continued
how to buy your first investment property in shoreline washington

How To Buy Your First Investment Property in Shoreline, WA

Do you love the idea of investing in real estate and wondering how to buy your first investment property in Shoreline, WA? This is a great question. Due to tight (or negative) cashflow and high property costs, many people wonder if it even makes sense to invest here. Well, if you can afford to get in, the numbers can look pretty favorable. The benefit of buying your first investment property here in Shoreline, Washington is that this is a strongly appreciating market, at least it has been historically.
Selling a home with no equity

Real Estate Case Study: Selling A Home With No Equity

September 30, 2004 Hi Emily, Thanks for buying our house.  When we called you off the letter you sent, we’d had our property listed on the market for months.  We’d had a couple of offers, but no one could get the bank financing they needed to buy our home. We were eager to sell the … Continued