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Meet HomePro Associates – and Emily Cressey, REal Estate Broker & Team Lead…

Buying or selling a property in Seattle, Washington is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you choose a top real estate broker to be your guide.

We at HomePro Associates would love to work with you! Learn more about us and why we do what we do.

The HomePro Associates Team, led by Emily Cressey, Works Hard + Loves Our Seattle, WA Communities

Emily Cressey Real Estate Broker Home Pro Associates Seattle, WA
Emily Cressey, Real Estate Broker
HomePro Associates Seattle, WA
Licensed with HomeSmart

A note from Emily Cressey, your fun, yet savvy, real estate agent in Seattle:

I love the art of the deal! I have been involved in the real estate industry since 2002 first as a real estate investor, speaker and syndicator, and then as a real estate agent. Having been born and raised in Seattle – I have a wonderful grasp of the Seattle neighborhoods.

Our Mission Statement:

Create happiness in your heart, and share it with others.  Remember we are all connected.

– Our Personal Mission – Emily Cressey, Seattle Real Estate Broker

Emily Cressey, Top Real Estate Broker - HomeSmart - HomePro Associates Team Lead

Our Company Vision:

Why are we doing what we’re doing?  What excites us?  What impact do we want to make?

  1. Have Fun and Be Real – “I’m wonderful the way I am, and so are you.”
  2. Communicate Caringly, Diligence Behind The Scenes.
  3. Promote “White Picket Fence Dreams,” with a pinch of practicality.
  4. Stay Current, Adapt, and Evolve.
  5. Always Improving – Push For Excellence.
  6. Surprise and Delight!  Leave them smiling every time.
  7. Remember life is a gift, and be grateful through all experiences.  
  8. Financial Success For Our Clients & Ourselves. Abundance and Prosperity Surrounds us.
  9. Create a 5-Star Experience so amazing they will want to share it with others. Create space for presence attention.
  10. SMILE!

What We Do And Why We Do It:

1) Acquire Real Estate To Build Wealth –  Help our clients get on the property appreciation train – once you can get in the door to start buying property, you have the potential to build tremendous wealth, especially in a strongly appreciating market.

2) Select The Right Home To Create Your Lifestyle – If all of life is a play, and we are all but players, your house is the stage on which your life’s play takes place. Surround yourself with beauty in a home you love, in a location that’s best, and with space for what you want to do.

3) Educate Buyers For Predictable Outcomes – Calm, controlled, and educated buyers feel they understand the process of buying and selling a home, and have the information they need when they need it to make good buying decisions. We don’t “hide the ball” and we don’t try to dazzle you with trade secrets – we want to partner with you and help you feel you are an engaged and informed decision-maker throughout the entire process.

4) Marketing to Pack The House – When we take a listing, it’s not to pad our stats, it to get YOUR HOME SOLD. Our listings get red-carpet treatment, no matter what the price range and we have a system for going above-and-beyond to create publicity and buyer interest for your home. All Homes For Sale will experience “regular” marketing, PLUS all the internet has to offer.  We stay cutting edge with all the marketing we offer home sellers.

5) Be Knowledgeable Experts – You don’t pay us to push paper. You want an advisor to guide you who knows what she is talking about and has the data to back it up. At HomePro Associates, we constantly work to stay informed on market trends. We are actively in the market – doing transactions, previewing homes, talking with buyers and sellers.

6) Making The Market – Had your eye on a neighborhood where nothing’s for sale? Looking for a steal on a home that’s been listed forever? Call us. We are facilitating transactions that might not otherwise take place.  By observing the market, soliciting off-market homes that are not yet for sale, haggling in back-room negotiations with other agents, we are MAKING the market.  We are driving people to list, pricing right, marketing to create buyers and interest, and getting potential-buyers financed who might not be otherwise buying.  

6) Negotiating For The Win – We want win-win transactions where both the buyer and the seller feel like their situations have improved as a result of the real estate sale.  We don’t look at negotiations as things that happen at the EXPENSE of the other parties, we look at them as celebrations of meeting of hearts and minds as the torch of home ownership is passed from one family to the next.

7) Embracing Technology To Streamline Processes and Avoid Mistakes – So many real estate companies say their are online, but fail to fully utilize technology to manage workflows, contract dates, lead-follow-up and  client relationships. To us, technology is not something we embrace for its own sake, but a tool that helps us ensure that we have maximum efficacy and transparency in our in-house work-flows, so we have more time to work with you and reach out to our client-family.

8) Caring Communication – The number one complaint about real estate agents from buyers and sellers is that their agent is not doing a good job of communicating.

When you are in the “lead” stage and haven’t yet chosen to work with us, we still want to know things like how often you want to hear from us, how you like to communicate (email, text, phone) and we even profile the frequency with which our buyers visit our website and look at homes, so we can reach out when tehy’re ready, and not hound them when they’re “just looking.” (Thanks Technology! See Point 7).

Our goal is to strike a balance between letting people know that we are here to help answer their questions (online and at scale, or in a personal one-on-one environment), and promoting our business and successes.  We hope you will feel gently pushed/encouraged when you are ready to fly from the nest.  We never want anyone to feel hounded or badgered to do a deal when they aren’t ready.

How Did Emily Cressey Get Started In Real Estate?

Emily Cressey - Real Estate Broker & Investor
One of my first real estate books: How I Turned $1,000 into Three Million in Real Estate – In My Spare Time by William Nickerson.

As a third-generation real estate investor, property was in my blood before I ever left the nest.  I remember while I was in high school, talking with my parents about their prospects for buying apartment buildings, and writing college essays on William Nickerson’s classic primer, “How I Turned $1,000 into $3 Million In Real Estate.”  This was one of the first how-to books in the genre, and still sits on my bookshelf today.

By college, I was driving to real estate investment conferences, and shortly after graduating with my BA in Economics, I picked up my first rental property – a 2-bedroom house in Mocksville, North Carolina near where I had gone to college.   I was able to acquire more and more houses, eventually being brought on as a “Real Estate Coach” to work for the adult-education company that had first trained me.  I loved traveling to 3-Day Events on the weekend to speak on stage, teaching other investors, many twice my age, how to get started buying investment properties in their areas.

I was so fortunate to be in this teaching position, because it allowed me to form close relationships with many other investors and eventually a handful of us teamed up to buy larger commercial properties and raise “private money” from our friends and family through real estate syndication.

Although the real estate mortgage meltdown of 2008 caused a big fall in prices, our investment group made it safely through those difficult years of the “crash” and we didn’t end up with any foreclosures or bankruptcies.  It was a hard time for many, and our company slowed down our acquisitions process in the aftermath, although we still have several holdings which we manage together to this day.

Emily Cressey is a real estate agent who loves her clients.
Family and Clients – What I put my time and enthusiasm into.

After getting married and returning to my beautiful home state – Washington, my husband and I had a son who was the light of our life, and quite a handful!  I ended up leaving my position at a commercial real estate brokerage in downtown Seattle so I could be with our baby full-time.  He developed some health problems and I was so blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom for several years, caring for him and his younger sister.

As the real estate market picked up and our family grew up (and required a little less around-the-clock supervision!) I returned to real estate investing and brokering. 

I love helping other home owners in our community build their wealth when they sell their home for absolute top-of-the-market prices using our “Millionaire Methods” for marketing and negotiating.  For those who are ready, we help them further build wealth, prepare for retirement, and develop their legacy through the strategic acquisition and disposition of real estate – both in and out of the Seattle area.

As someone who has experienced both good and bad financial markets and real estate markets, I understand what it takes to build wealth and protect it.  I’m  here to help make sure your next real estate transaction is a successful one – whether you’re selling your first home, moving out of state, liquidating investment property or downsizing for retirement. 

Here’s A Little Of What The HomePro Associates Team Loves Around Town

Lake Forest Park – where I live next door to my parents
Shoreline – where my sister lives and my kids go to school
Lynnwood – where we go to the library, their amazing water slides and indoor pool, and have many professional relationships
Mountlake Terrace – where my kids practice Tae Kwon Do and Gymnastics
Edmonds – where we go to the Dentist, ride the ferry and sun(?) at the Beach
Greenlake – where we love the wading pool and paddle-boats in the summer, and family walks year round
Downtown Seattle – where my husband and mother work
Ballard – where my sister had her first condo, my parents their first real estate apartment building investment and where we can visit the locks and see the salmon run!

Emily Cressey - Seattle Real Estate Agent - Good Negotiator
Emily Cressey, just a cool fedora-sporting every-mom real estate agent representing buyers and sellers in Seattle.

There is so much to do and see here – finding the right neighborhood for you is only a matter of taking the time to explore each neighborhood’s unique personality and array of features.

Steal a sneak peak at just some of the fun things you can do and see in-and-around Seattle!

Come Try HomePro Associates Yourself!

Seattle is an amazing area and we’re proud to call it home. (Yes, we actually live in the ‘burbs north of Seattle in Lake Forest Park – but c’mon – no one’s ever heard of our little wooded township outside a 30-mile radius so google-searching friends, Seattle it is!). Because we love living and working here in WA so much, it makes it easy to help local families and investors buy and sell local properties.

Knowing the local Seattle WA real estate market inside and out should be a given for any real estate professional you consider working with. Market knowledge can be the difference between your overpaying for a property or getting a smokin’ deal. When you find the right property – you don’t want to miss out on it. Likewise, you want to be fully-informed on your risks and options before buying a property and it’s important to avoid overlooking critical things during inspections that can cost you.

Our Difference: But where we take it farther is our focus on you having a pleasant experience working with us. In this day and age where so much work is done online, and even a handshake can seem like a scarce commodity, we want to put the human touch back into what we’re doing so you can enjoy life and enjoy your next buying or selling experience with us.

Let us worry about the details.

If you want to chat real estate or even just connect for a quick coffee, reach out to me anytime!

– Emily Cressey, top real estate broker

Emily Cressey loves the tulips at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
Washington’s Skagit Valley tulip festival is known state-wide as a not-to-be-missed day trip from Seattle each April.

In a nutshell….

The best of high-tech and personal-touch service from a real estate expert who was born and raised in Seattle.

A little bit goofy, a little bit fun, enjoy your real estate transaction and leave the hard parts to us.

Deborah Barros and James Wolfe

Slowly but Surely: Embrace the Journey
and Savor Every Step

It wasn’t an easy transaction either.  The lender they were working with was verrrrry slooooowwww and ended up delaying their transaction by almost three weeks.  (This is why I recommend working with vetted lenders, who don’t do this.)

However, I called the buyer and lender daily (I even buzzed her from Sea World while I was on vacation) to continue to push the deal forward, cleared contingencies like getting water quality reports from their HOA, and worked closely with the Seller’s Agent, so we would not lose our seller, who was concerned about whether we would be able to close at all.

It was a pressure cooker of a deal, and a good illustration of why who you work with matters.

In the end, we HAPPILY got the job done.  There was a LOT of cheering all the way around on this one.  And the buyers were pleased to move in and make it their own – Jim even carried his beautiful bride over the threshold on the day of closing!!!  Hurrah!

Congratulations on sticking with it, even when it was VERY TOUGH!

Well earned cheers on this one!

– Deborah Barros and James Wolfe

Seattle, WA

Moving Truck From Sold House in Bothell, WA McPhetridge
Despite The Slowing Real Estate Market, We Were Able To Create A Bidding War on Day 10 This House Was On The Market. Two Buyers From Our 3rd Open House Made Offers And We Sold It Quickly at Full Price.

These empty-nesters were ready for a change. With their kids in college, it was time to downsize and try something new.

However, the real estate market was cooling and the sellers wanted to go with an aggressive listing price. We decided to “go all the way” with our marketing and engaged drone photos, matter-port tours, professional videos and photos, flyers, calls, emails, and 4 Open Houses! It worked!

We were able to garner multiple offers and the competitive bidding situation helped the home sell for top-dollar so the sellers could quickly be on their way.


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