Homes For Sale In Ballard, WA

Looking at homes for sale in Ballard – the hip new must-have address in Seattle, WA? You are not alone!

The Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, WA was historically a fishing village, just northwest of downtown Seattle. The Ballard Locks and beaches provided a draw for local tourism, and Swedish Hospital and the central shopping street on NW Market provided employment within the area. A childhood friend who grew up in the area was fond of saying that everything you needed was there, and therefore no one who lived in Ballard ever needed to leave.

My sister bought her first home in Ballard – a three-level townhouse, and she was able to commute into her law firm in downtown Seattle fairly easily from there, by bus.

In the last ten years, Ballard has seen itself evolve from its Nordic Fisherman roots to a more hip and eclectic young professional population. Coveted for its proximity to downtown Seattle and its walkable pub-lined streets, older homes are making way for new construction high-density condos and townhouses, as well as apartments.

Homes for sale in Ballard have enjoyed tremendous price appreciation over that time.

However, as Seattle’s homeless count continues to swell, many Ballard residents have become concerned about the large numbers of indigents lounging in the streets and sidewalks, RV-residents perma-parking on any available street-side and hypodermic needles littering parks and even being tossed into yards of citizens.

Homes For Sale In Ballard
Do you need a real estate agent who can help you find homes for sale in Ballard, WA? I can help!

Nevertheless, many new home buyers are excited about looking for homes for sale in Ballard, and if that’s you, I’m happy to help.

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