Living in Lynnwood, WA

When my husband and I first lived in the Seattle area, we didn’t realize we’d be looking at homes for sale in Lynnwood, WA. However, we ended up continuing to build our lives by living in Lynnwood for 10 years, immersing ourselves in the welcoming community, enjoying the local parks, and appreciating the convenient amenities that made living in Lynnwood a truly fulfilling experience.

Homes For Sale in Lynnwood, WA
Buy A House In Lynnwood, WA

We started our home search knowing that we wanted to be in close proximity to my parents who lived in Shoreline, WA. We also wanted to have good access to a major city or job center, like Seattle, Bellevue, or Everett, WA. My husband was working as an independent contractor at the time, and since he is in the IT field, he was able to work from home. We thought at some point the job would end and he’d need to find employment at an as-yet-to-be-determined urban Seattle area location.

Although the first home for sale that we looked at was in Lynnwood, WA, we looked at homes in other areas, too. We looked at new construction in Bothell, we looked at old homes that needed renovation in Beacon Hill, and we looked at some of those ubiquitous 3-story townhomes in Greenlake and Lake City.

It wasn’t until we had a chance to “shop the market” and get to know what else was out there that we appreciated all that a home for sale in Lynnwood would offer. We actually ended up purchasing a 2-story condominium townhouse there as our first home ever. Both of our kids were born there and it was a lovely home.

We had a chance Living in Lynnwood for about 10 years, so I want to share some of the nice things about living in Lynnwood, WA.

Living in Lynnwood, WA

Essential Tips For Moving To Lynnwood, Washington!

First, be aware that Lynnwood, WA does not have much of a central downtown area. But what it does have is lots of restaurants and shopping.

After my daughter was born, my inlaws came and stayed in a hotel in Lynnwood (plenty of those, too) to help out our family and meet the new baby. There was a giant bus of visitors there from Canada, and one of the ladies told us that Alderwood mall (in Lynnwood) had the first Nordstrom south of Canada, and also, they loved the giant American Girl Doll store. Apparently the shopping offerings in Lynnwood are such that it has become a major tourist destination.

Here is some of the shopping available in Lynnwood, Washington.

Homes for sale in Lynnwood, WA
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  • American Girl Doll Store
  • Nordstrom
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Lego Store
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Costco
  • Michael’s
  • Joanna’s Fabrics

Grocery Options In Lynnwood

  • Safeway
  • Whole Foods
  • Fred Meyer
  • Trader Joe’s

Restaurants in Lynnwood

  • Red Robin
  • Olive Garden
  • Claim Jumper
  • Chipotle
  • Panda Express
  • Chik-Fil-A

There are also lots of gyms where you can workout, a great public library, the Lynnwood Convention Center, a post office, A Fed Ex Store, and lots of furniture stores. It is very convenient if you like to go out to shop and support the local economy.

No Neighborhood Vibe In Lynnwood, WA?

In terms of homes for sale in Lynnwood, WA, this tends to be a more affordable neighborhood. As the intersection of many highways and major thoroughfares, much of Lynnwood is taken up by commercial districts without a central “Downtown” or community/neighborhood feel.

Although there is certainly plenty to do in the area, most of the major nightlife and attractions are in downtown Seattle. Some people complain that Lynnwood lacks character of its own.
In fact, my husband and I laughed one day when we saw a Lynnwood Slogan advertised as, “Lynnwood, 20 minutes from everything.” Although it highlights the convenient location Lynnwood offers, it also is a bit of a condemnation, implying that Lynnwood is not where you actually want to be.

Despite this, we found Living in Lynnwood very convenient to live in and its where we raised our two kids for the first several years of their life, with no complaints. It was affordable when we didn’t have much money and we took advantage of many free programs at the public library, as well as the small out door parks.

Homes For Sale In Lynnwood, WA

Top Real Estate Agent Emily Cressey
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If you’re looking for a first home or starter home, I think Lynnwood offers many reasonable options that are both affordable and convenient. It also has many long-time residents and the new Lynnwood Rec Center and pool is a major attraction for many who enjoy working out in classes, or going to water aerobics.

Most of the new construction in Lynnwood is apartments or high density condos. Most of the homes are older and modest, but comfortable and with a good-sized yard.

Have a look at Lynnwood homes for sale, here. Let me know what you are looking for and your budget and we can talk about whether buying a home in Lynnwood is the right fit for you and your family.

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