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What’s It Like Living In Bothell, WA?

Bothell, WA

If you have been looking for homes for sale in Bothell, WA – you’re probably wondering what are the Pro’s and Con’s of living in Bothell, WA. With its charming neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and a thriving sense of community, living in Bothell offers a desirable suburban lifestyle. Exploring the diverse homes for sale available in Bothell will reveal a range of choices, from modern developments to more historic homes, providing prospective residents with ample opportunities to find their perfect living space. As you navigate the real estate market in Bothell, you’ll discover a city that seamlessly combines urban amenities with the tranquility of suburban living.

It’s actually a great time to be home shopping in Bothell because the downtown area is putting a lot of money into renovating its urban walkable core, as well as the waterfront. New high-rise apartments are going in and there’s a great pop-up dog park on the other side of the highway. This is a growing location and you can catch the excitement.

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Location and Commute From Houses in Bothell to Seattle And Bellevue

Homes For Sale in Bothell, WA
Search For Your Ideal Homes For Sale in Bothell, WA

Let’s start with the convenience of a Bothell address. Bothell, WA is located right at the northern tip of Lake Washington, just up the road from Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and Shoreline, WA which are to the West. To the East are other popular neighborhoods like Redmond, Woodinville, Kirkland and Bellevue. Bellevue is like “Seattle East” and has its own downtown high-rise skyline complete with skyscrapers. However, Microsoft is really the company that made the East Side grow when they put their Microsoft Campus in Redmond a few decades back.

Bothell, with it’s North/Central location provides good freeway access to I-405, the North-South freeway that loops off of I-5 and goes around the east side of the lake (from Lynnwood to SeaTac). Along the lake-side of the city is Bothell Way/Lake City Way which is a main 45 mph road that skirts the lake and provides roadway access for commuters and those passing through the city. The Bothell-Everett Highway can take you North easily, as well. Access to I-5 is not quite as clean, but the area is certainly home to many families who commute into Seattle.

Downtown Bothell is Undergoing Redevelopment

We are Building Up Bothell, WA!

Bothell is currently going through a lot of redevelopment in its downtown core, and several high-rise apartments are going in. This speaks to the desirability of finding a home for sale in Bothell, as its stock is going up. Many of the new residential buildings are saving their bottom floors for retail, so a bustling, walkable restaurant and shopping zone is being created. Across the highway is the lake front (Lake Washington… we DO have a lot of Lakes around here), also slated for redevelopment, but currently in use as a pop-up dog park.

Living in Bothell, WA - And Visiting The Fabulous Downtown Bothell
This awesome video is one of the most popular on my YouTube Channel… come take a walking tour of downtown Bothell, WA.

The older part of downtown Bothell has many restaurants as well as doctors offices, churches and small-business driven shopping.

Lots to Do In Bothell, WA

In terms of entertainment, Bothell does have a few fun things up its sleeve. For one, when the waterfront park is unveiled, it should be fantastic. Bothell High School is also the host of sporting events and plays that the public can enjoy. Pop Keeney Stadium hosts the local soccer and football matches. I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the Burke-Gilman trail across Bothell Way. This skirts the lake and provides 26 miles of flat, paved biking trails.

Education Is Important in Bothell, WA

Along the East border of Bothell at I-405 is a large University of Washington Campus. This is a certified offshoot campus of the downtown U-district campus. Here the University buildings are new and the campus has a fresher, less gritty-urban feel than the downtown buildings. There is also excellent bus service to and from the UW campus to many points along the I-405 freeway.

Homes For Sale In Bothell, WA

To find the right home for you in Bothell, WA, you can contact my office and we will drill down on what you are looking for and what’s available in the marketplace at the moment. Working with a real estate agent will help you quickly sort through the inventory and find where it overlaps with your goals and budget. You can also compare neighborhoods to help you decide whether Bothell is really where you’d like to end up.

Home For Sale In Bothell, WA
I’m Emily Cressey, real estate agent – How can I help you finding homes for sale in Bothell, WA?

For more information on how a Buyer’s Agent can help you, please contact us so we can connect you with Emily Cressey or one of her team mates to meet your needs.

In the meantime, enjoy your new property search. It is an exciting process filled with new hopes and anticipation. But it can also be stressful and disappointing if you end up getting out-bid on properties in a competitive market. Getting your financing strong and becoming very clear on what you are looking for will help you act quickly and decisively – and know your numbers – when the right deal comes along.

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