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There are so many beautiful homes for sale in Edmonds, WA, it is hard to go wrong living in Edmonds neighborhood. The Edmonds Neighborhood forms a bowl looking West out over Puget Sound, just north of Seattle. It is home to the Edmonds Ferry, which runs regularly to Kingston, WA – out on the Olympic Peninsula – every day. There is also a train track running North-South along the Edmonds water way running regular runs of short cargo transportation trains. Living in Edmonds, residents can enjoy the convenience of the Edmonds Ferry, which operates daily to Kingston, WA on the Olympic Peninsula, as well as a North-South train track along the Edmonds waterway facilitating regular runs of short cargo transportation trains.

Beach Fun In Edmonds, WA

Bracket’s Landing at Edmonds is a familiar weekend destination for Seattle families, and the small beachfront park offers sand (not a “given” at the beaches in Seattle, we tend to have naturally rocky beaches), and lots of crabs, sea anemones and jelly fish that don’t sting. Although the water can tend to be full of seaweed, that doesn’t stop children from wading far out into the shallow water to wave goodbye to the ferry as it departs periodically.

SCUBA Diving Edmonds Underwater Park ! SCUBA Diving Puget Sound, Washington State - Fish Everywhere!
Amazing Scuba Diving Footage from Edmonds, WA

There is also a SCUBA diving “underwater playground” of sorts accessible from the beach and frequently divers will come wading out of the water like creatures from the blue lagoon. In their full body wet suits and SCUBA gear, they can be a real surprise. In addition to the birds and marine wildlife often seen at the Edmonds waterfront, baby harbor seals make the occasional appearance as well. Visitors are advised not to get too close to the cutest wittle-baby-swimming-puppy-wuppies… whoops, where was I?

The beach also features a nice walkway along the waterfront that is maybe half a mile in length. At the South end, there is an off-leash dog park (!) where dogs can run and play on dry land or go fetch out in the open water. For the two-footed walkers, there are great views of boats moored at the docks, sandy beaches and a grassy stretch as well. Beautiful flower basket accent this well-maintained local attraction.

Restaurants in Edmonds, WA

As you might expect, there are several fine-dining restaurants in Edmonds. We like Arnie’s and Anthony’s Harbor, both seafood restaurants where you can go for a semi-fancy meal and enjoy a view of the water at the same time from the second floor dining rooms.

Off the ferry landing is a walkable downtown area with many small shops where you can window shop (or real shop) and spend an hour looking around. Edmonds is also where famed PBS travel-writer and home-town hero Rick Steeves has his offices. Steeves is a big supporter of the arts and culture in Edmonds, and is known to be a big fan of the slow local culture in many European cities, some of which is echoed in Edmonds where residents can enjoy a small town feeling in their protected beachy location which sometimes feels miles away from the rest of the city.

The Ferry Traffic can slow things down going in and out of Edmonds, especially on holidays or sunny weekends in the summer, but for the most part, local traffic can get through and locals going to the ferry can park (sometimes for hours) in a line on the shoulder waiting for their ship to come in! (I had to take the shot…!)

Homes For Sale in Edmonds, WA

Those already lucky enough to live in a house in Edmonds know the area has great schools, a PPC grocery store (fancy!) and a McDonalds. If you are shopping for homes for sale in Edmonds, WA, note that the neighborhood extends beyond just the highly desired bowl area -where many of the homes have water views – and borders with Lynnwood, WA to the north, and Mountlake Terrace and Shoreline to the East and South.

Driving from the beach to the freeway only takes about 10-15 minutes… more if a ferry has just released a bunch of cars from its decks. So if traffic is good on I-5 (always a big IF) you can make it to downtown Seattle in about 30-50 minutes. The lucky neighborhood of Edmonds, WA also has great schools but tends to support a slightly older population demographic due to its walkable beachfront access and higher-priced water-view homes as well as its relative distance from the city. Locals are frequently seen driving around the city of Seattle with their bespoke, “It’s an Edmonds Kind Of Day” bumper stickers.

Other Recreation In Edmonds, WA

Edmonds, WA
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In addition to the downtown and waterfront attractions, Edmonds has a few other great parks worth mentioning. One is small and near the water front, but features a new splash park with all sorts of water attractions that run throughout the summer attracting hundreds of neighborhood children and parents on precious warm weather days. Another is Yost Park, which features a forest-like atmosphere where outdoor camps deploy dirt-covered youngsters to survive the day without electronics and referees, relying on their wits and carving knives for survival and fun. Yost Park also has one of the area’s few outdoor public pools. In the summer, the YMCA administers swimming lessons and water aerobics in this heated aquatic attraction.

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