Living in Kirkland, WA

Have you considered living in Kirkland, WA? Running along the East shores of Lake Washington, just north of Bellevue, WA, the downtown area of Kirkland, WA is rich in entertainment and culture. Whether visiting Carillon Point, heading to Cactus for an outdoor dining experience on the patio portion of their sidewalk cafe, visiting the library or one of the many beach-front parks, lots of fun can be had in Kirkland, WA.

Living in Kirkland, WA: Carillon Point - Waterfront Tour
Visiting Carrillon Point – hotel, wedding venue, business park, retail and fine dining on the shores of Lake Washington in Kirkland, WA.
Homes For Sale, Kirkland, WA
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How Much Does It Cost To Live In Kirkland, WA?

One of the biggest challenges of living in Kirkland, WA is just getting into your home in the first place. While you can buy a nice 1-bedroom condo near the water and downtown for about $600K+ (assume higher given these numbers will go up with time)… a 2,000 square foot home will likely cost you in excess of $1 million dollars, as the Median home price for Kirkland, WA has already exceeded this figure.

In addition to the challenges many first time home buyers have with being priced out of the market, there are also associated difficulties in finding a house available to purchase. Many homes have multiple offers and so buyers need to be ready to be aggressive when they see the property they like.

However, Affordable Housing is still a possibility in Kirkland, WA, especially for buyers willing to consider going the CONDO route. Take a look at this low-cost condo for sale in Kirkland (now sold, but you get the idea..) this is what is available at the very bottom of the Kirkland price range.

Affordable Housing In Kirkland? - (Or Investment Opportunity?)
This type of “condo conversion” apartment turned condo development is what is available at the bottom of Kirkland’s price range. If you want to be an owner in Kirkland, WA for school district access, work, friends or family in the area… but are on a fixed budget, this could be a good option.

Need Help Buying A Home In Kirkland, WA?

Emily Cressey is a Seattle-area native and long time real estate investor as well as broker. She wants everyone’s Kirkland real estate experience to be both positive and profitable. Buying real estate in Kirkland, WA can be a big investment, but also one that is likely to pay off handsomely, even as you enjoy living in your Kirkland house, condo or townhome. Let Emily help you explore all Kirkland has to offer and see if this Seattle / Bellevue suburb community is right for you.

Homes For Sale, Kirkland, WA
Click Here To See Homes For Sale In Kirkland, WA

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