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As an full-time real estate agent always prospecting and marketing (… and have been for years) I have buyers in every stage of “readiness” in my database, looking for all sorts of homes.

Many of my buyers are looking for a specific type home and will pay full price to get it.

Learn what they typically look for here, or enter the details of your home in the form to see if your home is a match.

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What Buyers Are Most Active In The Seattle, WA Marketplace?

Are you considering selling your home and curious about the potential buyers in the market?

As a seasoned real estate agent, I have some exciting news for you – your perfect buyer might already be in my extensive database! I have been marketing to attract buyers and sellers for years. Some folks who weren’t ready to buy “then” are getting ready to make a decision to buy “now.”

Tap into the relationships I have with my currently active buyers to find out if we have someone ready and waiting to buy your home now. You may never even have to go on the open market (although you may want to).

Categories Of Home Buyers And The Types Of Property They Tend To Look For

Although we would never discriminate against buyers based on their age, family status, or other protected categories, it can be helpful to look at statistics, demographics and data to know what types of buyers are most commonly found in different price points, so you can think about how to position your home to be most appealing to the buyers in the marketplace.

First Time Home Buyers – Often Millennials

One of the biggest demographics out there is Millennials. They are making up 26% of home buyers. Demographics say we are in the middle of a “four year peak” when millennials will be most actively buying their first homes. Gen Z is out there too, but currently many cannot afford to buy a home in this area without family assistance.

Features that are important to millennials include pet-friendly yards (with fencing) and green energy-efficient features like good insulation, water-wise gardens, low maintenance yards, and solar panels. Whether they’re looking for a 3-4 bedroom house with a generous budget around $1.5 million or seeking something more affordable, there’s a match waiting to happen. You’d be surprised how many dual-income buyers can afford close to a million-dollar home!

Move-Up Buyers – Often Baby Boomers

Move-up buyers are another dynamic segment of the home buyer marketplace. These are professionals ready to transition into something more luxurious, or older adults who have “arrived” and are in their peak earning years, ready to buy that home they’ve always wanted. In fact, baby boomers make up the largest section of home buyers right now, coming in at 39% of home purchasers. They typically have sold other homes and have more cash to use to acquire their next property, and aren’t as concerned about interest rates. They are usually going to be shopping above the $800,000 median price point in our area.

If your home is valued at the $1 – $2 million range, your property might be the destination they’ve been dreaming of.

Affordable Homes In The Seattle Area
This 2-bedroom townhouse sold for less than $600K, making it an affordable option near Green Lake.
Budget Buyers – Often Shopping For Homes Under $600K

Not everyone is in the market for a high-end property. Some of my clients are budget-conscious and are specifically interested in more affordable options.

If you have a cozy condo or townhome, there might be a buyer in my pool actively seeking properties below the median price threshold. Your property could be the perfect fit for someone looking to make their first home purchase.

A report from the National Association of Homebuilders shows 67% of home buyers would prefer to buy a single family home, others prefer a townhome (15%) or condo (8%) because of the lifestyle or locations these types of homes offer. If you want to live in downtown Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland or Ballard – then a nice condo may be the best lifestyle choice for walkability and ease of selection.

Few single family homes sell near Seattle and Bellevue for less than $500K, so if affordability is the name of the game, multi-family housing is often the best choice.

Fixer Upper Property In Need of Repair
If you have a fixer-upper property in need of serious repair, selling to an investor may be your best option.
Real Estate Investors – Buying With Cash Or Terms

Investor buyers bring a different perspective to the table. They’re interested in properties with potential – whether it’s an estate sale, a fixer-upper, or a home that hasn’t seen updates in a while. With the ability to pay cash and close quickly, these buyers are ready to seize opportunities that promise a return on investment.

You’ve Got Ch-Ch-Ch-Choices When Selling Your Home!

No matter the price range or condition of your home, we have a tailored approach to help you find the perfect buyer.

Our proven “4 P’s Process” has successfully connected sellers with buyers, maximizing exposure and ensuring your property stands out in the market.

Ready to unlock the potential of your property?

I invite you to share more about your home using the form provided.

If your property aligns with our buyer categories, we might have someone waiting in the wings.

However, even if it doesn’t, don’t worry! We offer a range of options, from putting it on the market and in front of the largest pool of buyers ready to buy, guiding you through the process of fixing up your property, to a potential purchase by our team directly.

Your home is unique, and so is your perfect buyer.

Let’s work together to make that connection. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your property into someone’s dream home.

Fill out the form, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

Thank you for considering us as your real estate partners, and I look forward to helping you achieve your selling goals!

Are Our Buyers Looking For Your Home?

Tell us a little about your home so we can match it with buyers from our waiting list.
  • Ex. 2-story craftsman with 4 upstairs bedrooms. Kitchen remodeled in 2010. Would like to sell for ~$1 mil in the next 12 months.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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We also help new and seasoned investors find and analyze multi-family property both locally, and out of state.

Whether you are new to the Pacific Northwest (check out our King County and Snohomish County neighborhood review pages and choose your neighborhood) or are relocating within the greater Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you make buying or selling a home a straight forward and – dare I say it? FUN! – process!

Buying or selling a property in the Seattle area? Excellent!

As you know there are lots of options when it comes to Seattle, Washington real estate agents in and you’ve got a decision to make.

We want to choose us and we’re ready to tell you why.

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In this section, I’d love to tell you about my string of real estate awards, decades of real estate experience, my Phi Beta Kappa, snobby private school education, full-ride merit-based college scholarship, and Economics degree

But that’s a little braggy, don’t you think?

You can read my resume here if you’re curious, but I’m more excited to talk about what YOU want: Your goals and dreams.

At HomeProAssociates.com, we’ve made every effort to align our brokerage and investment services around the needs of our clients.

… Still, you’re probably curious about how we work and you want to get to know the type of people you’ll be working with to guide you through this important financial and personal transition in your life.

That’s why our “Our Company” page is one of the most popular and frequently-visited pages on our website. Click the button below to discover our Company Values and how we strive to serve you best!

Emily Is A Featured Speaker & Real Estate Investment Trainer

Accolades From Business Professionals

Sucess Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Real Estate Investor
Rob Maxwell – Success Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Real Estate Investor
From A Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer:

I have experienced first hand Emily’s ability to motivate an entire audience to take action.

David Finkel - Real Estate Speaker
David Finkel – Real Estate Speaker & Business Coach
From The Author Of Maui Millionaires:

“Get ready for an information packed learning session with one of the most sincere and inspirational speakers I know.  Emily will share insights that help you step to the next level.”

Real Estate Investment Surety Village
Roger Maupin – Real Estate Investor Syndicator
From A Real Estate Millionaire & Business Partner:

I have enjoyed being a business partner with Emily for the last 15 years on five commercial real estate deals. She is very bright, creative and always has constructive comments and questions. She is dependable, does what she says and always has a positive attitude. I enjoy working with her and have found her to be trustworthy and helpful.

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The A-PLUS Method

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In this guide, I’m going to pull-back the curtain and let you see a little of the magic that makes our business work so well for homeowners who want a quick easy sale, and who don’t want to leave ANY money on the table.

Click here to discover our top-secret methodology that we use to get results, every time.

🏡 Proud New Homeowners! 🎉🔑

Congratulations to Strom and Emily B. and their super-dog Loki on their fabulous new home near New Castle. 😉

Remodeled House used as Airbnb became a nice home for a sweet couple and their Loki
Remodeled House used as Airbnb became a nice home for a sweet couple and their Loki

This home was remodeled and used as an Air BnB, so it was really tricked out with some nice touches! Emily and I especially loved the magical color-changing fireplace and remodeled kitchen! And we’re sure Loki is going to love the yard!

Strom: I’m going to be sending you my favorite resources on fruit tree growing here in the PNW so you can get your home orchard established ASAP! Cheers!

– Strom and Emily B.

Seattle, WA

Find Out What Some Of Our Happy Home Sellers Say:

Thanks To Great Strategy From Our Team, This Home Sold With An Early Offer (Even Though I Broke My Arm While Filming The Marketing Video!)

Ian and Carolina were ready to sell their Lake Stevens townhome and head to sunnier climes in Arizona! It was going to be a big move due to their two dogs, two cats, two LARGE fish tanks, and many beautiful house plants. My co-list agent Laura Lee and I helped them stage their home for sale, making it look spacious and move-in ready.

The home was a big hit! We ended up selling it to a buyer who loved it so much, she wrote to tell us she had “tears in her eyes” when she toured the property, she felt so strongly that this should be her next home!

Needless to say those buyers wrote us a very strong “$60K above asking price” offer.


Home Sellers

We Sold Brian and Mary’s Everett, WA Home To A Buyer Who Visited Our Saturday and Sunday Open Houses.

Brian and Mary were excited to show me photos of the new house they were buying in Texas. The only problem was, they had to sell their home in Everett first. Plus they wanted a lease-back so Mary would have time to finish her job at the school before they had to move.

My co-listing agent Laura Lee and I set to work staging their home (and getting them to move a lot of items into the garage). When we were done, the home looked a lot bigger, and the owners had obviously taken very good care of it and undertaken several remodeling projects.

We “held it open” for two days, inviting interested buyers to come and spend as much time as they wanted the first day it was on the market. We had several eager parties who came to BOTH days of the open house, and one of them ended up making the winning bid. She knew the friendly neighborhood and fenced back yard would be just right for her golden retriever puppy!

Brian and Mary were thrilled to have a solid offer with no contingencies, and a 2-week rent-back, because it made it much easier for them to transition to their new home.

Bon Voyage! We will miss you!


Home Sellers

Nick and Tink sold their home due to relocation for work.

“When my wife and I decided to sell our home in Marysville, WA, we got referred to Emily Cressey by our pastor. Emily came out and helped us plan what to do and when to do it since we didn’t have very much time to get the house ready before our move out of state. From furniture arranging, cleaning, professional photography, videos and drone shots – Emily got the job done when it came to marketing our home. We had a big open house, and we could see on our ring camera how people were lining up outside to come in and see the home. Buyers started sending us offers the first day the home came on the market, but we held fast, waiting to see what the market would bring us. Because Emily was familiar with the market values in the area through her research, we had a good idea of what to expect and when we got an incredibly strong early offer, we decided to take it and sold our home for 35% over the asking price. Emily’s professionalism, organization and marketing really came through for us and we were thrilled, and so was the buyer. We would happily refer her to others and have actually already done so!” – Nick H.


Selling Home To Move Out Of State

After The First Buyer Got Cold Feet, We Put This House Back Under Contract The Same Day With A Back-Up Buyer Who Was Renting Nearby And Had Come To Our Saturday And Sunday Open Houses.

Lynette and Rick and enjoyed living in their home for almost 50 years. They had raised their kids and grandkids there and it was full of many happy memories. When they were ready to let it go, it was still an emotional process. I enjoyed hearing their many stories about the mischief gotten up to in that home.

To get top-dollar in a flattening market, we couldn’t rest on our laurels.

They decided to do lots of updates to make sure deferred maintenance items were taken care of and they updated the paint and flooring through out to make it look great. The sparkly quartz counter tops in the kitchen were a special bonus.

With video marketing, flyers, calls, and Open Houses, we managed to get a great turnout to the home. We had multiple offers, which was good, because the first buyers ended up getting cold feet and backing out of the deal after just 12 hours. We had someone waiting in the wings, though, and were able to sign up their above-asking price contract just a few hours later. Phew!

Lynette and Rick were thrilled to see their legacy continue for the next family that would move into the home and enjoy the wonderful neighborhood they had loved.


Home Sellers

After the death of their parents, these sellers were pretty broken up and had to work together to organize the sale in addition to managing their everyday lives. We worked as a team to coordinate an estate sale of the interior contents, fix-up some paint and carpet issues, and we brought in professional staging.

“Emily was a saving grace for our family! She took us under her wing throughout the whole process of preparing and selling my parents home in Bothell. She helped not only deal with the logistical things, but the emotional aspects as well. She went above and beyond by setting up some of the contractors and the home inspection, giving us open ground to figure out what fit our family best with the pre-sale care of the home, going to the home to let contractors in when we were unable, taking the reins with the big mountain of legal paperwork, and most importantly calling when it was the most perfect moment to care for emotional matters.

“She was attentive and interested in making sure you were given just the right amount of information for your personal capacity. She was always enthusiastic throughout the whole process and kept the positive momentum going to help keep us grounded during a sorrowful time. She worked incredibly hard and earned every last penny of her commission. If you want someone who will help guide you through one of the most stressful things you can go through in your life, Emily is the person to pick for your journey.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Emily. We are forever grateful!” – Mel Murray


Home Sellers – Estate Sale

This Lynnwood home garnered over 22 offers with our marketing plan, and we were able to create a “paper auction” which elevated the offer price by more than the entire listing commission.

Adam and Letty decided to move out of their home (along with their kids and pets) so they could really get it ready to put on the market. They rented a home nearby while they fixed up the paint and flooring – making this house shine.

Their strategy worked.

We got it on the market with a huge launch – professional photos and videos. Flyers, online ads, phone calls, emails.

Through our Open Houses, we met buyers at the property and helped cherry-pick the most interested so we could get their offers in on the property.

I negotiated through the night with a huge field of buyers. One buyer stuck with it, outbidding everyone else, and we finally signed the contract with him at 1:00AM in the morning – setting a new price record for this Lynnwood HOA Community.


Home Sellers

Simply Put, We Do More…

We do more to help you buy or sell your home. That’s why our strategies are so successful and our clients are so satisfied. We put our heart and soul into helping you have a good experience. That’s not to say there are never difficulties… real estate transactions are notorious for being dicey at times… but when they do come up, we will help you navigate through them.

The next step is yours. We have prepared plenty of information to help you learn the “next steps” of the journey you’ll be on.

We want you to be well-educated so you can make great decisions about what’s best for you.

So what is most important to you now? Learning about how you can buy your next home, or finding out how we’ll help you sell for top dollar?

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