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We have several lenders we enjoy working with that we have found to get good results for our clients.

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I’m Emily Cressey, real estate broker – thank you for putting your trust in me to help you connect with a responsive, well-qualified lender here in the Seattle area.

Using a local in-town lender with a small bank or mortgage brokerage company assures that you get excellent service and responsive people you can actually call, email, and talk to.

While you CAN work with any lender, some buyers have found that working with bigger companies or online lenders is not as appealing because the customer service is not as good and sellers worry that these types of institutions won’t reliably close.

I would suggest either calling/emailing them to set up an appointment (phone or in-person) to discuss your situation, or you can just visit their website and apply online if you want to cut to the chase.

HomePro Associates Recommended Lenders:

1) Chris Butaud has proven to be an invaluable resource to his clients.  With his years of experience in the mortgage industry and his credentials as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), he can get the job done and loves connecting families to the houses of their dreams. 

President, CPA | NMLS# 13157

Phone: 206-999-6941
Email: chris@clevelandstreet.com
Website: www.clevelandstreet.com/ancing.com

2) Michelle Muqtadir and her husband work for CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC in Seattle, WA and have an excellent track record of closing loans.

Regional Manager | CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC

Personal NWMLS ID 143470 | Branch NMLS 2358588
Phone: 206-261-1498
Email: michelle.muqtadir@ccm.com
Website: CrossCountryMortgage.com

Michelle Muqtadir

3) Nicole Tennison in Lynnwood, WA has very reasonable fees and I love her for being available on nights/weekends if necessary.

Senior Loan Officer Fairway Mortgage | NWMLS ID 121107
Phone: 206-354-2006
Email: Nicole.Tennison@FairwayMC.com
Website: FairwayIndependentMC.com

Nicole Tennison - Seattle mortgage Loan Officer


Nicole Tennison

4) Cindy Scobee and her husband are both in the mortgage business with Evergreen and one of their new programs is called the “CashUp” program which allows home buyers to make a cash-type offer, while still getting financing on their home.  Buyer requirements: Qualify for a conventional loan, have 700 credit, 10% down payment, a debt-to-income ratio below 45%.

Loan Officer Evergreen Home Loans | NWMLS ID 1907730
Phone: 206-276-7052
Email: cscobee@evergreenhomeloans.com
Website: evergreenhomeloans.com


Cindy Scobee

5) Jeff McGinnis is a very education-oriented lender.  He is always learning about new loan programs to solve tricky situations.  Whether you know you’ll have an easy time qualifying, or think it may be a challenge, Jeff can help you get matched to the right program, and make sure you are comfortable with your options before moving forward.




Mortgage Consultant | NWMLS ID 279369

CrossCountry Mortgage

Phone: (206) 283-5626

Email: jeff.mcginnis@myccmortgage.com

Website: http://www.jeffmcginnis.com


Jeff McGinnis

6) Deb Montgomery loves our Veterans and has a couple of kids in the armed forces. She loves working with IT folks, too and has an office in downtown Seattle.

Branch Leader Movement Mortgage | NWMLS ID 505247
Phone: 425-366-7442
Email: Debra.Montgomery@movement.com
Website: www.movement.com/debra.montgomery

Deborah Montgomery - Home Loan Officer


Deborah Montgomery

Thank you for contacting our recommended lenders to help your home purchase loan close quickly and on time. Once your house is under contract to buy, your lender will be one of your primary contacts who you are working closely with to prepare for the closing on your home. As your real estate broker, we will also be in touch with your lender before, during and after the home buying process to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Please feel free to talk to several people to see who you feel comfortable with, and understand their rates and how they get paid – usually a success fee is taken out of closing costs, and lenders are not paid until you buy the house.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me, as I want to be your primary “conductor of the orchestra” and work with you to select other team members you feel comfortable with and who will do an EXCELLENT job, ensuring that the loan is closed promptly.