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Looking at homes for sale in Greenlake – where you can scoot over to the Lake any time and enjoy walking, jogging, or biking, dog- and people-watching and catch a quick bus into downtown Seattle any time? If you are considering buying one of the lovely condos, townhouses or homes for sale in Greenlake, please read on for a more in-depth description of the lifestyle that awaits you in the Greenlake Neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Living in Greenlake provides the perfect opportunity to embrace an active lifestyle, with homes for sale that allow residents to easily access the scenic lake for walking, jogging, biking, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of dog- and people-watching. If you’re contemplating the purchase of one of the charming condos, townhouses, or homes for sale in Greenlake, delve into the following sentences for a detailed glimpse into the enriching lifestyle awaiting you in the Greenlake Neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Living in Greenlake means having the convenience of catching a quick bus into downtown Seattle anytime, ensuring both leisure and connectivity in this picturesque community.

The Greenlake Neighborhood

Everyone living in the Seattle area knows and loves the Greenlake Neighborhood, just north of downtown (at 70th St) on the West side of the freeway, sandwiched between I-5 and Aurora Avenue.

The heart of the Greenlake neighborhood is the lake itself, which abuts Woodland Park Zoo and lies between Aurora Avenue, a main North-South thoroughfare, and the I-5 freeway. Surrounded by other popular neighborhoods like Phinney Ridge, Ravenna, Wallingford, Freemont and the U-District, the region hosts a hip and affluent demographic that enjoys the proximity to Seattle and the outdoor lifestyle Green Lake provides.

Fun At Greenlake

With a 3-mile circumference paved walking track, the lake attracts walkers, joggers, skaters, bikers and lots of dogs. In the summer Greenlake hosts numerous fun events, like the Rock and Roll marathon, crew regattas and dragon boat races, and the milk-carton derby featuring home made sailing contraptions made entirely of milk cartons.

On weekends Greenlake attracts an eclectic crowd and I enjoy the many dog breeds on display there, as well as frisbee and volley ball players, fishermen, hammock-loungers and picnickers. They have a lifeguard at the beach, a children’s wading pool, basketball courts and you can rent a paddle-boat and go out on the water as well. During the week, there are serious walkers and joggers, moms with strollers, and even a few super-fit moms doing baby-and-me exercise classes or 7AM Bootcamps on the lawn. Fun!

Don’t forget to hop across the street to Lower Woodland Park – my old cross-country racing stomping grounds in high school where my Lakeside Lions team would edge out the Bishop Blanchet High School girls every season… At Lower woodland, not only do they have hills – important for the more hard-core athletes, but they have horseshoes and lawn bowling, picnic areas and baseball fields, and a par 3 golf mini course. I’ve seen dirt bikers there too, but I’m not sure if the dirt piles they were biking on were a permanent installations or … just some dirt piles. (Okay, I looked it up, the dirt piles are official. Check out the biker below.)

Strider Balance Bike at Lower Woodland Skate & Bike Park - Seattle
Young dirt biker at Lower Woodland “skate park.” (They’re not just regular dirt piles, they’re official, I checked.)

Restaurants Around Greenlake

There’s plenty of food to be found in the Greenlake Neighborhood, all those fit joggers really work up an appetite. You can grab a coffee at Starbucks, or an ice cream cone during the summer, there’s even a chocolaterie where you can grab a warm mug o’ magic when the weather’s turned gray and cool. If you’re interested in something more substantial, Mexican food, fish and chips, and Duke’s Chowder House are local favorites.

Entertainment and Shopping in The Greenlake Neighborhood

The Bath House Theater at the Lake hosts alternative local performers and other businesses nearby cater to the sporty crowd – including Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle and Super Jock and Jill footwear – there running shoe store where all of my friends on the cross-country team in high school and I would go for personalized stride evaluation (I’m a pronator!) and running shoes to correct irregularities.

Favorite Memories From The Greenlake Neighborhood

Memories From Living By The Greenlake & Phinny Ridge Neighborhoods In Seattle – When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was go for family walks or bike rides around the 3-mile loop of Greenlake Park.  The lake provides a hub for locals and visitors to swim, boat, run, roller skate, shoot hoops, or throw frisbees on the lawn.  Around the Lake are little tourist restaurants and snack shops, as well as a few boutique sporting goods stores like Super Jock and Jill running shoes – my X-C shoe outfitter of choice in high school, and Greg’s Greenlake Cycle, which has now changed it’s name to Greg’s Cycle, since they have expanded to have other locations as well.  That’s where we go for biking gear.

Also in this area is Woodland Park zoo which is a fantastic place to go when you’re visiting, but pricey to visit with the family if you’re not a member.  Lots of families who live in this area get zoo-passes, which are annual memberships to the Woodland Park Zoo, so they can go walk around with the kids and the stroller every morning and get a good workout in while the kids are entertained and in a confined space.

What To Expect When Buying Homes For Sale In Greenlake

If you do decide to buy a home for sale in Greenlake Neighborhood, I think you will find the location very convenient for everything except parking. On-street parking is free, but hard to find, especially in the summer when Lake visitors crowd the area to take and opportunity for fun in the sun.

Types of Homes For Sale In Greenlake

Living in the Greenlake Neighborhood gives you easy access to I-5 and a relatively short bus ride into Seattle, with great access to the Park and Ride on 65th via bike lanes. There are lots of apartments here, and land isn’t cheap, so square footage is at a premium. You can choose from a newly built three story townhome or a traditional older home in one of the area’s many scenic residential streets.

Homes for sale in the Greenlake Neighborhood tend to be older but well-maintained. (Although, I did go on a “bat walk” once where the docent explained how many bats lived in the attics of houses at green lake and would fly out to the lake at dusk to hunt down mosquitos. *I* have never seen bats there, but take it from a pro, that’s the word on the street. ) Residents take good care of their small yards and streets have sidewalks which makes it easy to walk down to the Lake.

If you are thinking of buying one of the man lovely homes for sale in Greenlake, please take a peek at the selection here and fill out the form below so I can help you fine-tune what you are looking for an d let you know when new Greenlake homes become available.

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