Living in Marysville, Washington

Welcome to Marysville, where community bonds run deep and comfort meets convenience at every corner. Living in Marysville offers a harmonious blend of small-town tranquility and modern amenities, creating an environment that nurtures both families and individuals alike.

How is your home search going? Are you getting any better feel for the different areas of town?

I’m sending a few from Marysville, which is a small-town to the EAST of I-5. To the WEST of I-5 in this area is a large Indian Reservation.

This is kind of the “final frontier” to the north of Seattleā€¦ very nice small town feel and everything you need in town – Walmart, McDonalds, etc. Population 68,000.

Driving here north from Everett, WA there are some low-lands that are always close to flooding – not buildable and tend to be used for agriculture.

Selling Your Home Can Be Tricky, Even In A Hot Market
If You Love The Small-Town Feel, But Still Want To Have Freeway Access To The Big City, Then Marysville, WA Might Be Perfect For You

Marysville might be about a 40 minute drive to Seattle, assuming good traffic.

North of Marysville is Lake Goodwin and Lake Stevens, which have historically been Lake House/Vacation Cabin types of areas, but are growing all the time.

Living In Marysville, WA – Small Town Feel with Rural Roots and Suburban Options

The city of Marysville, Washington is on the rural edges of the “Greater Seattle Area” and located about one hour north of downtown Seattle, WA along Interstate Five. It is a similar distance from Bellevue, WA.  These cities are the two main employment options in the area, with Everett, WA (only 20 minutes from Marysville) offering great employment as well – many work at Boeing or many other Everett-area employers. 

Marysville, WA is a bedroom community of Everett, Washington, and is adjacent to the Tulalip Indian Tribe (and associated upscale casinos) located to the west of the freeway.

Downtown Marysville is full of small-town charm, with many mom-and-pop shops as well as bigger, chain stores like Burger King, Panera Bread, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Marysville has a golf course, public parks, and even stocked fishing ponds. My sister and I enjoyed going to Marysville one Easter to participate in a self-paced scavenger hunt that brought us to several of the areas, parks and small businesses. What a nice way to learn the area and get in touch with some members of the community.

I have also enjoyed the downtown Christmas parade, known as the Marysville parade with an E. In addition to lots of fire trucks, decked out with colorful Christmas lights, there was a selection of vendor booths in the town Square featuring many local nonprofits and public works agencies. It was a great place to chat with school teachers, drug abuse counselors, and all sorts of people who care about making Marysville a creek community. I especially liked the outdoor bonfire at this event. It seems like many places are too afraid of hosting anything that might be marginally dangerous, but you won’t find that sentiment here.

Stunning 3-bedroom Home For Sale In Marysville, Seattle!

In fact, while I was doing that Easter egg scavenger hunt, we met a retired gentleman wearing a Maga hat and packing heat. Certainly not the profile of someone you’d be likely to find in downtown Seattle.

The outskirts of Marysville are suburban, blending into rural. You can certainly find rundown, barns, horses in a field, Christmas tree farms and fresh eggs for sale here, in addition to new construction houses and older historic properties.

One of the other big draws of Marysville is the outlet mall. There is a huge strip mall, filled with fancy brands like coach, polo, and Nike apparel. This is a great place to go to get designer clothes at a discount. I wouldn’t be surprised if this establishment was on the tour bus stop for Canadians busing down from Interstate-5 to do some shopping. In fact, we met a bus load of these shopping tourists at a hotel in Lynnwood, 20 minutes to the south, this is where Alderwood Mall is located, and that’s the home of the first Nordstrom south of the Canadian border. In fact, Lynnwood, Washington is at the juncture of I five and 405 and is another great place to shop if you enjoy retail therapy.

People come to Marysville for more affordable housing, opportunities to buy acreage, the small town feel, and the sense of community it provides. Well, it’s not perfect, and North Marysville is known to have some sketchy areas, many people still find it a great place to call home.

I have had the privilege of selling several properties in Marysville. In both cases, the families were commuting into the Seattle Bellevue area, which can be a long drive. If you are doing that route, it’s best to avoid rush-hour so you can keep your commute to a more reasonable drive time.

Buying a House in Marysville Washington

If you’re considering buying a home and are looking at Marysville Washington. You will not find as many condominium or townhouse options here as you would closer into Seattle. Given the semi-rural feel of this area, most people start at single-family homes and move up to land. You can find a very nice three bedroom two bath home in this area for around $600,000. Your mileage may vary because prices are always changing. Click the link below to see what’s currently for sale in Marysville.

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