How To Sell Your Seattle Home Fast: Without The Hassles

Seattle Home Sellers: For a variety of reasons, you might want to sell your home but dread the hassle of putting it on the market right now…

The No-Hassle Way To Sell Your Seattle, WA Home
How To Sell Your House “As-Is” Without Fixing Up Your Home

Maybe you want to sell your Seattle-area home because…

  • You don’t want germy people coming through your house
  • You are working (or schooling) from home and can’t leave for showings
  • Some “Honey Do” projects have gotten away from you and your home needs repairs
  • You’re going through a divorce and just need it handled “yesterday…”
  • It’s a probate or estate property and you just need it sold
  • It’s a rental that’s been trashed by the tenants
  • Fire or storm damage have left it with too much work needed
  • The home’s in bad shape and you feel you have no equity
  • Tenants or squatters live in the home and you can’t get them out!
  • You have an “Ugly House” you think nobody would want
  • You are behind on mortgage payments, going through bankruptcy, or facing foreclosure
Emily Cressey, Sell Your House Fast
Emily Cressey, Real Estate Broker and Direct Home Buyer Can Help You Sell Your House Fast In The Way That’s Best For You

Listen, I understand – I have bought many homes directly from sellers who were in these types of situations.

As a real estate broker, I have a FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to tell you ALL YOUR OPTIONS and help you decide what’s BEST FOR YOU! For most people, that means putting their house on the market with a broker. This is typically the way most people get their homes sold.

For some people, though, that may not be a fit for a variety of reasons. “Home Buyer” programs are being launched by “big tech” firms across the country to buy homes directly from owners. Why? Because… there is a demand for this service!

Not everyone WANTS to sell their home through a real estate broker. Some people want to sell it directly to someone who can get it handled quickly and easily – a one-stop-shop.

If you have a home to sell, but you dread the hassle, are afraid it will take to long, or just aren’t sure WHAT to do… why don’t you let me talk you through your options?

Whether you want to sell to an investor, do an off-market deal with one of my local first-time-home-buyers, or have me list it on the MLS, I’m sure we can find a way to help you reach your goals. If your goal is a fast, no-hassle sale, we can help.

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