Monthly Market Updates for SHORELINE, WA – December 2021 – Sales Prices & Predictions

Shoreline, WA Real Estate
Shoreline, WA Real Estate

Shoreline Homeowner’s Report For December: How Much Is YOUR Home Worth?

Sales, Prices, and Predictions… Everything you need to know about Shoreline, WA for the month of DECEMBER 2021.

Before you know it, Christmas and New Year will be upon us… is the Shoreline real estate market going into hibernation?  Let’s find out!

#1 – We are still in a strong seller’s market. But median home prices are up just $4,000 since last month – now reaching a new average price of $720,000.   This is a SMALLER increase than the prior month of October, but the market is still up.  We are tapering off and the experts’ DON’T predict that prices will keep growing as quickly as they did last year, but the market IS still Appreciating.  (or maybe I should say, “inflating…”  more on that later.)  Click the link if you’d like to learn how much your home is worth right now.

In the city of Shoreline alone, we sold 972 properties last month – that’s 20 more than in October, but we only have 6.5% of that number on the market for sale at any one time.  On average only 63 homes were for sale at any given time.  That means homes are flying off the shelves and it’s VERY competitive for buyers in our area.  I’m finding my median-priced home listings are getting lots of offers, the lower-priced condo market is a little less competitive with fewer buyers able to compete so aggressively.

#2 – The bad news for our market is that Interest rates are creeping up.  While still low around 3%, as they go up, it will mean decreased affordability for buyers and weaker offers for sellers.  If YOU are looking to buy a new property, it might be a good time to run some numbers and we can work together to plan that transition. 

Making a move is a big decision and I can help you get it done.  My name is Emily Cressey with HomeSmart Real Estate Associates and as a real estate professional, I study home prices every day.   

As the market keeps going up, it’s extremely challenging for you to know how much your home is worth.  Because of this, I want to make a special offer – only for those who watch this video.  I want to give you the opportunity for a custom one-on-one home evaluation.  We’ll get together over the phone, on a video conference call, or in person and go through exactly what your home would be worth if you were to sell it now.

Click the link below and you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll tell me about your home and then have the opportunity to schedule a time to connect with me for a custom 1-on-1 home evaluation.  Simply click the link below to discover your home’s true potential.

Now it’s time for… 

#3 EMILY’S predictions for the SHORELINE housing market in 2022

The biggest issue I want to put on your radar is INFLATION… Prices are going up and re-setting at new, higher levels, so it’s important to be prepared for that.

With inflation breathing down our necks, Economists recommend those who will do best in this economy will be highly leveraged, and own hard assets.  If you want to move into something bigger or re-deploy your equity into an investment property, we can help. 

With the combination of Inflation and Appreciation we’ve been experiencing, we’ve seen home prices shoot up 12.5% in SHORELINE over the last 12 months. And your median-priced home should be worth about $80K MORE this year than it was worth last year!  Nice work if you can get it!  

This is Emily Cressey with HomeSmart Real Estate – thanks so much for joining me and look for our monthly home price predictions right here, next month.

Emily Cressey

Emily Cressey is a real estate broker residing in Lake Forest Park, WA who services the Greater Seattle area including Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Brier, Lynnwood, Kenmore, Bothell and Edmonds, WA.

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