Dog Parks In Shoreline, Washington

Are you looking for the best off-leash dog parks in Shoreline, WA?  One thing that’s true about Shoreline, Washington is that we love our pets!  There are lots of dog lovers here as you’ll notice between the hours of six and nine every evening as intrepid dog owners take to the streets for some quality time with their canine companions, trying to help them get fresh air and exercise in the hours they are home from work.

Unlike dogs who live in the countryside and can run around chasing sheep all day, many of our suburban dogs don’t have many opportunities to run all-out.  Thus, they need to find an off lease dog park in Shoreline, WA, and fast! I certainly can’t keep up with a dog on a leash who wants to run his hardest! (Yes, I have tried it… no, it wasn’t as fun as I thought…)  That’s why there are a number of great off-leash dog parks here in Shoreline, Washington where you can socialize with other dog owners and your dog can make new friends and get his energy out.

This map highlights the dog parks in Shoreline, WA.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks In Shoreline, WA

  1. One of the best is the Shoreview Park Off-leash dog park Near Shoreline Community College West of Highway 99 In the Richmond Beach area.  This is popular, large and has a “shy dog” area, if your pup is feeling timid.
  1. If you go all the way down to Puget Sound, you can find Richmond Beach Saltwater Park where your dogs can run in the sand and splash in the water during the “off season” from November 1 – March 15 when fewer people are using the area.  Bring a coat because there can be some brisk winds coming off the water.
  2. Next on the list is Northacres Park, West of Northgate mall, on the other side of the freeway.  I used to run in this park all the time in high school at Lakeside, as part of my conditioning runs for the Cross Country team.  They’ve changed it a lot since then and it has an amazing splash pad which is a great place to play and cool off with your kids in the summer.  However, they also have an off-leash dog park now as well as some nice trails for walking through the woods, so if you haven’t been there lately, make sure to check it out.
  3. And if you’re in the North End, be sure to check out the Mountlake Terrace off-leash dog park, in Terrace Park.  It’s got some nice woods for shade, and a good crowd of regulars that will help your precious pup get some good exercise he needs.
  4. If you have time, also be sure to visit the Edmonds off leash dog park right on the water by the ferry.  There’s tons to see here as you walk along the waterfront, including fire pits for campfires and a playground for the kids.  The dog park features an agility area as well as water access if your dog is up for the ultimate adventure of swimming in the sound.  Be aware, though, since they can’t “fence off the water” the area is not completely contained, and if have an escape artist, he could hypothetically take off down the beach.

So, if you love dogs, you’ll love Shoreline, there are lots of fun places to take your dog off leash and even more fun parks to visit while on-leash.  If you would like our dog-park guide to Shoreline, be sure to message us so we can send you a copy.

Although she is no longer with us, my husband and I raised Kera, our guide-dog-in-training puppy, before having kids! She was a golden retriever/labrador mix.

Do You Have Another Off Leash Dog Park In Shoreline, WA That You Can Recommend?

If your dog has a favorite location around town, post it below (or just send us a picture of your baby), and we’ll include some of your tips and updates in future versions of the Off-Leash Dog Park Guide To Shoreline, WA!  We want to keep in touch with you – our community – and ensure our resources are always improving!

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